College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

AUM Campus

The Auburn Montgomery Bachelor of Liberal Arts is designed to serve students seeking an alternative to the program of disciplinary majors and minors. It is for students who may have acquired academic credit in diverse curricula from other institutions or from military service schools.

Bachelor of Liberal Arts students select classes from a flexible curriculum of interdisciplinary studies. By careful planning in enrollment, the student can acquire the valuable skills of effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving that can provide a solid foundation for advanced study in professional and graduate schools.

The plan includes three components:

    • The AUM core curriculum
    • Interdisciplinary studies
    • Course work at the junior and senior levels (3000-4000)

During the freshman and sophomore years, each student completes the AUM core curriculum. The goals are to enable the student to communicate in a clear and reasoned manner, to grasp and apply the scientific method, to understand the history and dynamics of our culture, and to appreciate the issues that face our society and societies around the world. The core includes course work in English composition, literature, fine arts, sciences, mathematics, history and the social sciences. In addition to the University core, the School of Liberal Arts adds course requirements in computer literacy and a foreign language.

Beyond the core curriculum, the Bachelor of Liberal Arts students choose courses in four interdisciplinary study areas:

    • Humanities
    • Natural sciences/mathematics
    • Social/behavioral sciences
    • Complementary study areas, such as business and education, excluded from the three areas indicated above.

The plan of study requires the BLA student to complete a minimum of 37 semester hours of junior and senior level courses. Of this number, at least 9 hours must be in the humanities and at least 9 hours must be in the social/behavioral sciences. A minimum 2.00 grade point average must be achieved in these junior-senior level credits. Click here for the updated advising sheet for Bachelor of Liberal Arts.

This curriculum allows the student an opportunity to choose an array of courses that focus on a particular interest, theme, or discipline. Such courses can enhance valuable learning skills that are useful in career opportunities after graduation.

For more information, please contact Dr. Alex Kaufman, Program Coordinator and Adviser, at or 334-244-3228.