Sociology Degree

AMSA Group Photo 2014

If you are drawn to questions like these, the Sociology program at Auburn Montgomery can put you on the path to a fascinating career engaged in the study of humans, their behaviors, patterns and quirks.
A Sociology degree at Auburn Montgomery offers undergraduate programs of study with concentrations in Anthropology, General Sociology, or Marriage and Family. Additional offerings can be found in Pre-Social Work or in our new Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Majoring in sociology is excellent preparation for a variety of career paths including non-profit work, state agencies, retail settings and the law. Many students choose a minor in sociology, anthropology or geography to enhance their educational experience in the social sciences.

Auburn Montgomery’s Sociology program offers concentrations and each has specific requirements, click on the concentrations below to get a detailed list of all of the courses required to complete each degree:

Archeology Lab

The archaeology program at AUM and the Alabama Historical Commission continue the excavation of the archaeological remains of a mid-18th century French farmhouse at Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson Historic Park near Wetumpka, Alabama. This building was located about 120 meters southwest of the second Fort Toulouse (A.D. 1749-1763). More