GIS Certificate

Geographic Information Systems

What is GIS?

The Geographic Information Systems Certificate equips students to use technology (hardware and software) as well as data to unearth and explain relationships, patterns, entities and attributes related to geographic areas. As an ever-increasing number of professions are using technology to make data-driven decisions, the need for GIS-savvy technicians is growing rapidly.

With GIS, for example law enforcement can overlay crime data on local maps to see trends and hot spots, social service agencies can map poverty levels to identify areas likely to need increased services, or business owners can determine optimum market locations. Thus, those skilled in using GIS offer businesses, organizations and government the ability to spot and address relationships between geographical entities and attributes that would be otherwise indiscernible.

GIS at Auburn Montgomery:

In the GIS program at Auburn Montgomery, you will learn to master the technology that makes GIS work. You will also study geography – learning to understand how the interaction between people and their environments impacts culture, economics, ideology and much more.

The GIS Concentration

At Auburn Montgomery, you have several GIS options. If you are already employed in a governmental or private sector job where training in GIS would be helpful, we offer a non-degree program leading to the certificate in GIS. If you are enrolled (or will enroll) in an undergraduate or graduate program, you may elect to: 

    • Earn your degree in any field of study while concentrating in Geographic Information Systems;
    • Minor in GIS, anthropology or geography; or
    • Enroll in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts or Master of Liberal Arts program and specialize in geography and GIS.

Certificate Program of Study

The GIS Certificate program consists of five courses: 

    • Advanced GIS
    • Applied Research in GIS
    • Cartography
    • Introduction to GIS
    • Remote Sensing and GPS

Note: each course has both an undergraduate and graduate component.

Students in the GIS program at AUM acquire competency in Intergraph GeoMedia Professional and Grid, ESRI ArcGIS and ArcPad, ITT ENVI, Trimble Terra Sync and Pathfinder Office, Autodesk Maya and Golden Software Surfer. The program includes training with Trimble GPS data collectors, laser distance measuring devices, Topcon laser total stations and a variety of peripherals.

Faculty Certification

Faculty members in the GIS program at Auburn Montgomery hold doctoral degrees in geography and are GISCI certified professionals.

Careers in GIS

Jobs for those holding GIS certification are expected to grow by more than 20 percent over the next decade in the private and public sectors.

Opportunities include employment with private, state, local and federal agencies dealing with natural and cultural resources, archaeology and industrial and public relations. GIS technicians are frequently employed by municipalities to monitor population growth and expansion and to develop predictive models to guide future infrastructural needs.

Contact Us

For more information on the GIS Certification, contact Dr. Terry Winemiller, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Geography in the Sociology Department, Liberal Arts Tech Wing, or call 334-244-3945, or email at