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World Languages and Cultures Degree 

Auburn Montgomery’s major in World Languages and Cultures, in the Department of History, offers students opportunities to explore languages and cultures other than their own, via language and culture courses, to study abroad, interact with AUM’s international students, and service learning in the Montgomery area. Our program provides the opportunity to develop the basic knowledge necessary to participate in international and intercultural activities. It also lays the foundation for continued studies in several advanced or professional degree programs.

The program emphasizes knowledge of modern foreign cultures and enables the student to develop a speaking ability in at least one foreign language.

The major requirements for the World Languages and Cultures program are grouped into four options; Francophone studies (France and French-speaking cultures); German studies; Hispanic Studies (Spain and Latin America); Chinese and East Asian Studies (Chinese, Japanese and Korean).

Each of the options has a cultural track and a Trade track. In the Cultural track, the student takes more area-related course work in the humanities and social science. In the Trade track, the student takes courses in international economics and business.

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Shared Spanish Program with AU

AUM students may also opt to participate in a shared Spanish program with the Auburn campus. This is a full language major in Spanish, offered on both campuses. The particular advantage to AUM students is that they may take courses at Auburn or participate in Auburn-sponsored study abroad program in Spain without having to enroll as a transient student.

This program differs from the World Language and Cultures and International Trade program still offered at AUM in that they require more intensive preparation in a single language. The shared Spanish program is, therefore, tailored to students, who wish to pursue graduate work in, or who wish to teach, the Spanish language. AUM students may also have access to foreign language education certification through this program.

Shared Spanish Program with AU Plan Advising Form

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Career Possibilities

  • Attorney
  • Broadcaster
  • Consultant
  • Diplomat
  • Educator
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Journalist
  • Interpreter/Translator
  • Cross-Cultural Trainer
  • Travel and Tourism Administrator
  • Study Abroad Programmer
  • Missions Worker
  • Customs Official
  • Federal Employee
  • Military Careers
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Immigration Specialist
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Linguist
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