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Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society

English majors choose courses ranging from medieval and Renaissance to post-modern. These can include drama, Shakespeare, rhetoric, literary criticism, mythology and English grammar, as well as creative writing of poetry, fiction or personal essays. A pro seminar, English as a Field of Study, introduces students to career possibilities and the entire faculty of English professors.

In addition, an academic advisor assists students in planning their course schedules, graduation dates and careers. 

Below are the specific course requirements for an English degree once you have completed the AUM Core Curriculum. To see a full list of courses required for the English degree click on the link below.


Two-semester sequence of first-year foreign language 8
English as a Field of Study  3
History 6
Philosophy OR Fine Arts 3
Philosophy 3
COMM 1010 or COMM 2212 3
General Electives (9 semester hours) 9
Minor courses (12 semester hours) 12
Lit Survey OR 3000/4000-level English Elective 9
3000/4000-level English Elective 18
Introduction to Linguistics (ENGL 3070) OR
Advanced English Grammar (ENGL 4050) OR 
History of the English Language (ENGL 4070)
Studies in Shakespeare (ENGL 4270)
Literary Criticism (ENGL 4080) 3
English Total Hours  80 

Click here to view a full listing of the requirements for English majors.

Clubs & Societies

Sigma Tau Delta

AUM's Omicron Psi chapter of the International English Honor Society promotes literary, educational, and charitable endeavors. For more information contact the faculty advisor Dr. Michel Aaij at 334-244-3280 or maaij1@aum.edu. More

English Club

Get involved with the English Club. For more information contact the faculty advisor Dr. Joyce Kelley at 334-244-3449 or jkelley8@aum.edu.


The Filibuster is a student-run publication of student writings, graphic art, and graphic design. It includes poetry, short stories, songs, journal entries, short plays and play excerpts, screenplays, and other miscellaneous genres and forms. Additionally, the publication features artwork, photography, and, on a volunteer basis, a general layout. More

Internship Opportunity

The Writing and Editing Internship Program, ENGL 4110/6110, gives you on-the-job experience as a writer and/or editor. You may earn up to 12 hours of academic credit toward graduation through these positions.